Categories Of Membership & Eligibility

  • Ordinary Membership
  • Associate Membership

The Association may incorporate as many members as it wishes subject to approval of the Committee.

Ordinary Membership shall be opened to any business entity which shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a significant activity in the security systems business, the installation and servicing of security systems.
  2. Have been in activity described above for a period not less than 3 years.

Associate Membership shall be opened to any business entity which is engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing, supplying, dealing in or selling products or services generally used and relating to and necessary to the members of the Association. Associate members shall not have voting status and shall not hold office, but may attend all convention and meetings.

Admission To Membership

The business entity applying for membership shall make initial application to the Association on the official application form attached.

Application Form

Soft copy to be provided.

Entrance Fee And Subcription

The current rates of entrance fees and annual subscription are as follows:

  1. The Entrance fees (payable once only) are:
    • Ordinary Member S$ 2,000
    • Associate Member S$ 1,000
  2. The Annual Subscription per annum are:
    • Ordinary Member S$ 500
    • Associate Member S$ 300


Annual Subscription are payable in advance on admission. If a member falls into arrears with his subscription or other dues, he shall be informed immediately by the treasurer. If he fails to settle his arrears within 3 months of their becoming due after 3 written reminders have been sent to him at his last known address and with the approval of the Committee, he shall cease to be a member.

Any additional fund required for special purposes may only be raised from members with the consent of the General Meeting of the members.


Please download and complete the Registration Form.